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Pleasure Isles is a dream come true for good-girl Keily Samuels, and she desperately needs an influx of cash to keep the B&B afloat. But reservations are slim, and the odds of getting a bank loan are even slimmer. When a drool-worthy, wealthy entrepreneur offers her enough money to keep her dream alive in exchange for weekend of sexual submission, she’s between a rock and a really hard place. 

Landon Marx has wanted Keily since the first time he saw her at a hotel in Dallas. Having tracked her to Pleasures Isles, he’s reserved the entire B&B for a relaxing weekend of seduction, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get the elusive beauty right where he wants her. But Pleasure Isles isn’t a normal B&B. There’s more cooking behind the scenes than bacon and eggs, and checkout time is about more than settling the bill

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I'm Ryver.  I'm a novelist and screenwriter who loves to add a little spice and adventure into my stories. My debut novella, "Couples Therapy", through Wild Rose Press is now available, and it's poised to heat things up.

When I'm not writing, I enjoy traveling, photography and cooking. Follow me on twitter at @ryver929 or sign up to my newsletter by clicking below  button for my updates and new releases!
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This is a spicy romance that reminded me a little of the older-style romances I read in my youth. The slightly reluctant heroine, the over-the-top bargain made by the hero and a shared weekend of spicy passion. While clearly a modern story I found it had many of the hallmarks of a vintage spicy romance novel .  (Read rest of review >>here<<)
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